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In a perfect street with perfectly kept terraced houses in a perfect city in the most perfect country in the world, there is a perfect home with 2,4 perfect children, two perfect parents and their three perfect pets. Out of these 2,4 perfect children, 0,4 of them is a happy and perfectly integrated adopted child, living in harmony with its perfect siblings, Luna the ecological fair-trade goldfish and Vida the wonderful and bisexual dog.

Several times a week this perfect family drives their environmentally friendly electric car to a perfect amount of weekly activities. Monday is organic vegetable farming day, Tuesday is family yoga day, Wednesday is voluntary workday where the perfect family assists other not-so-perfect families, and Thursday is set aside for outdoor swimming with like-minded naturist families. The weekend is family time with an open house for other perfect families, communal meals and sing-along. When the kids have been put to bed, it is time for romance to blossom for the perfect married couple.

Sometimes they invite another nearly-as-perfect couple for evenings filled with love across stereotypical boundaries (without stepping on anyone’s toes), personal wine waiters and Michelin chefs. On Sundays our perfect family is busy just being themselves, contemplating how delightful life is as long as you are perfect.