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Survival is crucial

It is autumn in Norway and the family is preparing for a long, cold winter. To survive they must provide enough food, clothing, warmth and shelter. It is a time when manual work is the only thing they know, and there are many generations to come before the advent of electricity, machinery and household aids. It is nature’s principles that apply and people must adapt accordingly.

 Seasons have always been both a battle and a blessing, and they are always well exploited. It is important to take advantage of what nature has to offer by working with the seasons and not opposing them. Collecting food, making clothing, footwear, shelter, furniture, tools and utilities, chopping wood and making medicines. All in the time when nature allows it.

The family must work together and all members have their specific roles and responsibilities throughout the year and throughout their lives. Sharing knowledge with new generations is crucial to ensure the future of the family unit.