‘Fire is the test
of gold, adversity of characters’SENECA



What happens to you when you put on a piece of jewelry? And what made you choose that particular piece?

Some jewelry pieces mean more than others and in my own collections some of them definitely have that extra glow of importance. I remember very well my half of the «bestfriends»- necklace I shared with my girlfriend in elementary school, and how long we had been saving up to buy it. Every time I put on my great grandmother’s old necklace I am reminded of a happy and playful woman who inspired people wherever she went. I also own jewelry that means a lot to me because the jewelry designer has created something entirely unique, as if the jewelry has its own language and wants to tell us something.

All of my jewelry pieces have a story to tell. At the same they have been made with a hope of creating new stories. They are all authentic and inspired by a certain mood or sentiment, and they are often a result of a particular standpoint or a conscious choice I have made. I would like my jewelry to give you that extra little boost of self esteem, pride and comfort, inspiring you to make new informed choices.

I have been making jewelry since completing my Journey Man’s certificate in 2003 and have been running my own workshop since 2004. Along the road I have been awarded a Norwegian Champion title, participated in World Skills and gained my Master Craftsman’s Certificate. I established Ilda Design Jewelry by Camilla AS in late 2013. This has given me the opportunity to devote myself to the craftmanship that I love and to create those particular pieces of jewelry that means something special.